Finish Line Fund Inter-Club Winners 2019

T’was the month before Christmas and all-round Southend not a runner was stirring, not even to bend.

Why you ask?

Because last night the 6th annual inter-club quiz run by the Finish Line Fund was taking place in the Westcliff Hotel and it raised any amazing £1,450 for the charity.

With 16 teams from running clubs across the region, over 152 questions prepared, amazing raffle prizes up for grabs and bar staff ready to take orders the evening kicked off at 8 pm. Finish Line Fund Chairman Keith Passingham welcomed everyone and handed over to Scotty ‘Quizmaster’ Brenton to begin testing our brains.

After 4 rounds Scotty produced ‘The Coin of Destiny’ and a close fought game of heads or tales took place with Thomas Cullfey from Flyers Southend triumphing and winning £30.

At the end of the penultimate round the points were too close to call and it all came down to final round, identify the 40 countries from their flags. For 8 mins hushed whispers filled the room before time was called, sheets handed in and final points tallied, but who had been victorious?

Before we got to that ‘The Coin Of Destiny’ made another appearance with Chris Kelly also of Flyers Southend snatching victory in a final 1:1.

Mark Benham then took to the staged to preside of the raffle, 25 tickets were drawn with Shelley Edmeades from Rochford Running Club taking the top prize of entry to all Top Day Events 2020 races worth over £400.

We would like to thank all the clubs, local business and individuals who support our raffle by donating some amazing prizes as it alone raised £715

So, points finally counted and verified the results were in, Lloyd Richardson had the pleasure of announcing the results.

Proudly coming in last place and taking home a lovely bouquet of wooden spoons was one of three teams from Castle Point Joggers. But in the end, the top spot and winners of the coveted trophy came down to the wire between two teams, one from Pitsea Running Club and the team from Southend parkrun. Both teams have won twice before.

A hush (almost) fell across the room before Lloyd announced the 2019 inter club champions where Southend parkrun, thanks in part to an amazing final flag round in which Nathan Thornton correctly identified 39 of the 40 flags!

The Finish Line Fund committee would like to extend our warmest that to everyone for coming out and making it an amazing and successful evening with special mention to a few people:

The Westcliff Hotel, who donated the use of the room free of charge.

All the attending running clubs and their generosity with raffle prizes.

Top Day Events, Company of Runners, Hare and Tortoise Running, Run Active, Claire Henderson & Tina Boswell’s team

And finally to Anne Purdham for doing an amazing job over the last few weeks including organising the tasks for the committee, curating the questions and keeping score all night.

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